Newsletter 6

Hi everyone!

Times fly! There is less than four months left for Unicon!

These are the latest news:

1.- We now have the tracks for CrossCountry, Cyclocross and RoadRacing.

2.-  There has been a change on the 10km race that we will celebrate on the 31 July, because of that we will have to change the schedule, we will publish it on a few days.

3.-   The Standard Skill competition will be hold the day 1st August ,   in Gasca Gym.    The director of this discipline is Ana Schrödinger.

4.- We will have these shops in Unicon 18:

-Una (URC) & Mad4One


-Municycle German

There we will be able to find the latest innovative unicycle products and enjoy good advices.

We will also be sponsored by:



– Una (URC) & Mad4One