Newsletter 4

Hello everyone,

I am glad to herewith announce further details concerning the lodging at Unicon 18.

Amara Berri College can host about 400 to 500 people and we have got the possibility of opening another part of the school if more sleeping places are needed. This school is only about 50 meters away from Unicon City and will be the main accommodation.

Up to now we are not able to offer any beds, although we are working on that. Anyway, renting those beds will cost an extra fee and the price written in the registration form just covers breakfast and a place to sleep.

All competitors / non-competitors will be divided over several classrooms and gyms. To do so, please send me an e-mail ( letting me know with whom you want to stay (or with whom you definitely don’t want to stay).

I will fly to Donostia / San Sebastian in January to see all the facilities and afterwards start with the division of people taking into consideration your preferences. Please keep in mind that I will apply the first come first serve principle to do so.

Also I would like to remind the people who don’t want to stay in the school to book their rooms now, as Donostia / San Sebastian is a city very popular for tourists and therefore the demand for rooms is really high.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if any further questions occur.

Kind regards

Darja Schlote