Newsletter 1

Hello everybody!

A few days ago we opened registrations for Unicon18 and from the Organizing Committee we would like to welcome everyone.
We still have many things to complete, but we are working nonstop to prepare what we hope will be a wonderful event.

In our initial proposal we set the objective of making a cheap Unicon, but although we had to raise the initial price, we will compensate with very cheap accommodations.

The facilities are excellent and it carries a high cost. In addition we will have the Swiss Timing Team who will be working with all the racing events on the track!

We are very happy because we have an excellent team of Event Directors. We would have liked to have someone from Asia and Oceania, but we still have some vacancies and we will be delighted to have a diverse team.

We hope to be answering all the questions that arise, and above all, have ready the schedule as soon as possible, we know that this is vital to “reserve” flights.

Only say that although we are not experts in this task, we have all the enthusiasm and motivation needed to do a good job! Thank you for your confidence in our team and we hope to see you all soon in our beloved city, Donostia.

Thank you!

Unicon18 Organizing Comittee